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We are passionate, hardworking, and fun-loving perfectionists, obsessed with doing right by our customers and one another.

Changing the way people see construction, one customer at a time.


We Serve:

Property management firms

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In These Industries:

Life Science Laboratory


By Providing:

Construction management
General contracting, and
Due diligence services

Our Mission

Walker Development & Construction Management's mission is to help customers achieve their goals by providing value driven, creative construction services with the highest level of quality and integrity. We believe pairing our mission with our entrepreneurial culture of respect, fun, and a positive attitude builds a great foundation for long-term relationships.

Jeffrey Walker - President, Co-founder

Before starting Walker Development & Construction Management, I spent 22 years working in the industry. I had seen enough to know that the service’s bar needed raising; there was so much room for improvement.
I also recognized it would take a strong team to reach this goal of providing exceptional services to every customer; I knew I needed a solid partner and a team of likeminded people to pull it off. In 2009 I was lucky enough to work with Nick Poirier. He and I shared the same work ethic and vision of how we wanted things to be done. 

​Nick Poirier – Director of Construction Services, Co-founder

Before co-founding Walker Development & Construction Management, I spent many years managing all facets of construction project management. Providing every customer with extraordinary service was always my primary goal. When I met Jeff Walker we immediately hit it off. Our business perspectives were very similar. We both wanted to change the way people saw construction; to make sure that every customer’s experience was a positive one. Together, we knew we could create this change.

Nick Poirier & Jeffrey Walker
Nick Poirier & Jeffrey Walker

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